10 Smart Ways to Make Money Online in India [In 2022] (2023)

(Without Scam, No Investment)

I can let you know the exact method to earn/make money online that many people used and make a good income base and make money online in India.

It can take anybody around 6-12 months to learn these methods if you are willing to learn new ways to make money online in India.

There are a few basics you need to know about before starting the journey, such as content writing, website building, and using the internet wisely.

If you are here for some kind of quick earning, you are not in the right place. There are no such things like make money quickly unless you are involved in scams.

The fact is that…

You can make money online through the internet and make an income base in the long run. The Internet cannot make you or give you a way to make money overnight.

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Pro Tips for You

  • There are few types of jobs (data entry) online claiming you can earn money. Away from those things.
  • There is only a way to make quick money by involving in scams. Stay away from this. Do not waste your time and energy.
  • If you really need money badly, you should use loan service and pay it back through hardworking.

You can only make money online in India, if…

  • If you have a strong passion to learn the new way and adopt technology
  • If you are willing to learn new skills such as content marketing, web designing, digital marketing, and video/image editing, etc.
  • The easiest way to start earning some money by starting a blog in India and except income in a few months based on your working skills.

What all required to start online earning laptop/desktop with a good internet connection and less than ₹ 10k to in the very beginning.

There is no success overnight in life. You can only succeed in life by learning and adopting profitable skills & gaining knowledge.

Before going forward, stop and ask one thing to yourself, can you invest in your knowledge. If you still keep on reading that means you are possibly going to work hard to make money online, isn’t it?

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10 Proven Ways to Make Money Online in 2022

Table of Contents

  • Become Advisor
  • Earn Money from YouTube Online
  • Working as Freelancer
  • Earn Money from Social Media
  • Domains Reseller
  • Content Writing
  • Earn Money Online by Blog
  • Start a Product Startup
  • Make Money by Affiliate Marketing
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#1 Become Advisor

Becoming an adviser in any field is good. You can sell your understating and knowledge of a particular domain to many people. It does not require to be super knowledgeable to be a teacher or expert, one thing required better understating of a particular field.

If you are able to gather some kind of great knowledge and make a name in the field, people will start following and they are ready to pay you as you advise them on their way to get success.

There are so many different types of services to offer as advisors, suppose you are a digital marketer you can offer your service to the small business owners to make marketing plans and execute them. They will happily pay you for the service.

There is no such thing to make quick money online. You earn by the skills you have and your time.

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#2 Earn Money from YouTube Online

It is possible you do not have any idea how people are making millions from YouTube. This is also not a quick way to make money online, but you can do it in the right direction and with talent.

It is possible to make money online from YouTube because there are people around us making money by working in the right way. If you are a good entertainer you can get success and in making money from YouTube.

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There are some more if you have great knowledge of academics (Helpful for students) or the latest technology and are able to make useful videos for the people. You can go a long way to make a good income base.

If you are ready to start with making YouTube channels. There is the process of starting YouTube channels and popularizing the channels. Take the help of the people who are doing great in this field.

You need to make useful and engaging content than promote them using the online mediums.

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#3 Working as Freelancer

In the current time working as Freelance culture trending. More and more people starting to work as a freelancer. If you have a great understating of programming, designing, or marketing you can give your service to the companies looking for a freelance worker and earn a good income.

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Working as a freelancer required more and more patience and the attitude of learning is important for a freelancer. If you have the capability to problems solving through technology, that can be additional advantages over something.

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There are two things important for you while working as a freelancer, first, you have core skills, and second, you need to learn marketing to get the business.

Excellent communication skills are important to attract clients and retain them for a long time. You can take the help of experienced marketers to make your online presence.

#4 Learn & Start Stock Market Trading

There is no money required if you start working as a freelancer. However, you need a few bugs to start working as a stock trader or trading in the stock market.

There is a huge opportunity of earning if you have the necessary knowledge and understating of how to pick the right stock, you need to have a Demat and trading account to work as a stock market trader.

If you want to start the stock trading work at the beginning changes are very high to lose money. So, I would suggest starting with a small amount and spending as much time you can on learning the basics and things about stock trading.

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As the internet is accessible to many people the information is available over the internet. You can check out a few relevant resources to understand the stock trading market.

You can also take help of the intraday trading because they charge a fixed amount as trading brokerages. Learn about the discount brokers online and choose one of them for you.

#5 Earn Money from Social Media

There is huge potential to earn money through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. One of the great ways to make money from Facebook.

This is right, marketers and influencers over social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) charge a fixed amount to post relevant content in favor of brand and business.

Influencer or individual has a great fan base and has the potential to earn more money. Social media fan base work as an asset for these people. There are few niches that have more potential than others in making money.

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Choose your favorite niche where there is potential to make money online.

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#6 Domains Reseller

It might be possible you are not aware of renting a website with good traffic. If you have a website with relevant traffic you can rent it to make money online.

There are so many business-oriented people who do not wish to make a website from the beginning but them looking for a website with a similar possibility and buying the domain.

Suppose you have rented your website to someone who will use it for the time being to collect leads and relevant business. Isn’t it existing that most of us know the physical spaces can be rented?

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You can also buy the old or expired domain and resell it at a higher price. I should make clear this work needs some experience and you need to be an expert in this otherwise you may not make money.

If you have a domain and you are not using that domain, you can sell it through the marketplace online. It is a matter of time you can lean the way to buying and selling domains if you keep on learning.

#7 Content Writing

There is another interesting way to make money online is through content writing services. Honestly, you can learn writing skills without having a higher degree.

If you are keen to express your ideas through writing, start writing then as early as possible. Suppose you are not very good at writing, do not worry there are many people who can teach you to write a great piece of content.

However, you are already writing and have good command then you can find clients online and earn by writing for them.

#8 Earn Money Online by Blog

This way of earning money is also part of your writing skills. If you are good at writing, you can write for others and earn money from the same, else you can start your own blog and start earning money slowly but it is good.

They’re a big difference between working as a freelance and owning an online business for yourself. When you start a blog, it can become your online business.

Growing your blog as an online business can take time but you can create a great audience and start earning money even you are not working all the time. There is another way to earn from a blog by putting ads on your blog.

10 Smart Ways to Make Money Online in India [In 2022] (10)

There are so many ads service providers and Google AdSense is one of them. You can start earning money through Google AdSense.

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#9 Start a Product Startup

Starting a product start can be a very existing process for anyone because you can learn many more things from this in many ways.

You might not succeed after starting a certain product startup but that can also help you in another way. Keep exploring new things to fulfill your purpose.

In general, there is a huge opportunity to start in finance, technology, etc. You can explore many hidden aspects of personal finance and help different people in some way.

However, you can get going by checking new things in the field you are starting a product startup.

#10 Make Money by Affiliate Marketing

One great way to earn money is by affiliate marketing. It is similar like you are running a retail shop in the marketplace.

You just signup with the retailer and promote their product through your blog/website or social media channels.

When there is sell through your link you can earn decent money online. There is more opportunity to earn money through affiliate marketing because you can earn without owning a website.

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You can promote your affiliate business through social media channels and online forums, write product reviews on LinkedIn, Quora & Medium.

Affiliate marketing is basically marketing other people’s products (other businesses or companies) through the use of their own marketing skills across hundreds of platforms.

In this way, consumers have the opportunity to sell these products themselves and then receive a commission from the outgoing business. In addition, they can earn commissions from consumers by charging an additional amount to the actual amount. In this case, you can earn money online with minimal effort.

Social media platforms are very effective for affiliate marketing because users have the ability to reach millions of audiences. If you don’t have the investment, you can use affiliate marketing and make a lot of sales yourself. All you have to do is select each company’s product and then start marketing. For example, you could choose the product of i.e Loom Solar, a very popular solar power company, and then start affiliate marketing.

Final Word!

Hope you like one of the above ways to make money online in India. It totally depends on you if you can work then you can earn money online.

I can keep on sharing the information on how to make money online but there is nothing without taking action and making things happen.

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