Best Interactive Voice Response services of 2022 (2022)

Best Interactive Voice Response services of 2022 (1)

The best Interactive Voice Response services provide a simple solution to build phone menus to manage customer calls.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services, are an integral part of most business phone systems (opens in new tab) and aim to provide a smooth caller experience by routing customer calls to the right person or department, and generally provide automated call assistance. They can be used to provide additional information, take payments, as part of a general on-hold messaging (opens in new tab) service to create an improved customer experience.

A key advantage of Interactive Voice Response services is that they can handle large call volumes much more efficiently and cheaper than having human assistants at hand. They can also run from your existing phone service (opens in new tab), preventing the need for upfront hardware costs. When used well, IVR's can deliver a very cost-effective and time-saving way to connect customers with the service they need in a fully automated way.

Additionally, with the popularity of cloud phone systems (opens in new tab) increasing, IVR options are now featured as standard, especially with larger platforms that offer a call center software (opens in new tab) experience or even Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) (opens in new tab).

On top of this, software-based Interactive Voice Response services can be used to collect analytics data so you can better gauge the performance of your phone system overall as well as your agents and other employees using it. This can allow a business to optimize the system to increase caller satisfaction and improve completion rates.

So whether you're using a VoIP service (opens in new tab) or a hardware solution, we'll feature the best Interactive Voice Response services currently available.

We've also featured the best Unified Communications as a Service. (opens in new tab)

Best Interactive Voice Response services of 2022 (2)

1. RingCentral MVP

For small business phones

Reasons to buy


Small business solution


Multiple IVR options

(Video) What is an IVR system & How it Works | Interactive Voice Response Systems Explained

Reasons to avoid


IVR not available with basic plan

RingCentral MVP (previously RingCentral Office)is a cloud-based business phone system targeted at small business. It can include a multi-level IVR feature which includes auto-attendant features.

As a cloud-based solution it means users aren't limited to office phones but can instead use the RingCentral free apps to turn their smartphones and other mobile devices into softphones. If PBX phones and/or headsets are required, these can be supplied directly from RingCentral.

The multi-level IVR feature provides an automated phone menu that can route customers to system extensions, voicemail, or even external phone numbers. It's also flexible, and allows you to deploy different IVR menus for different office locations. There's even an option to have a dedicated number for specific IVR menu which are independent from the main company number. IVR menus are set up and configured using a visual editor, and up to 250 different menus can be enabled at a time.

The one caveat is that RingCentral MVP has different service tiers. However, the multi-level auto attendant feature is only available from the Standard plan and up.

Read our full RingCentral MVP review.

Best Interactive Voice Response services of 2022 (3)

Best Interactive Voice Response services of 2022 (4)

2. Five9

Easy cloud IVR

Reasons to buy


Simple to use


Drag and drop functionality


Contact center solution

Five9provide an industry-leading cloud contact center solution, which includes IVR as one of its many features. The software allows for intelligent inbound call routing as well as a variety of autodialer modes, and also caters for omnichannel communications via phone, video, social, email, or chat apps. There are also a wide range of CRM integrations available, not least for Salesforce, Oracle, Zendesk, and Netsuite.

The IVR feature aims to provide an intuitive self-service using advanced voice recognition technology, to help improve the customer experience whilst freeing up agents to handle more complex queries. However, because the IVR system is part of the overall call center solution, customers can easily exit this to speak to an agent if they need to. It's easy to set up IVR in Five9 using drag and drop options to configure your system, including call back options, so as to more quickly identify customer needs and personalize their journey.

And because everything's built on a digital platform, analytics data can be used both for improving business operations and well as optimizing the customer experience. Reports can be generated in real-time or based on historical data.

(Video) IVR System for Call Center | Cloud Based IVR System | Interactive Voice Response | PRP Services

There are a number of other features available in Five9's call center software, not least Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), as well as predictive dialers.

To get a price, you will need to contact a Five9 sales agents to see which mix of features works best for your budget.

Best Interactive Voice Response services of 2022 (5)

Best Interactive Voice Response services of 2022 (6)

3. NICE CXone

A nice IVR solution

Reasons to buy


Cloud based


Easy customization


Text-to-speech option

NICE inContactprovides Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Software through its CXone Voice Self-Service. This runs within the Automatic Contact Distributor (ACD) service as part of its CXone contact center solution. This is a cloud-based platform that includes CRM integrations, workforce optimization, omnichannel communications, and analytics reporting.

The IVR offers the ability to automate the customer journey, and there are automated speech recognition and Text-to-speech options for multiple languages. There's also an option to allow customers the choice between self-service and agent. You can also centralize your IVR across multiple contact centers and streamline the process, so that customers don't have to repeat the information they provide. There's also an option to call back your customers if there is no agent immediately available.

Routine changes are also easy to make to the IVR system using a menu drop-down system. This allows any self-service information to be changed simply and immediately.

For a quote you will need to contact a sales rep, to see which features and functionality work best for your budget.

Best Interactive Voice Response services of 2022 (7)

Best Interactive Voice Response services of 2022 (8)

4. Genesys Cloud

Pure IVR cloud

(Video) Google Voice: The Best Business Telephony Service 2022

Reasons to buy


Easy to use


Drag and drop functionality


Contact center solution

Genesys Cloudis another cloud-based contact center solution which includes an IVR system, among a number of other features. The interface is easy to use and supports omnichannel communications through calls, video, email, and chat. There are a number of CRM integrations available, not least Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Genesys also promote a blended AI approach to allow automation of common and repetitive tasks, in order to free up human user agents for when they are most needed. Various management and project options allow you to streamline services and workflows, in order to create a more efficient experience, while supporting the customer journey.

The IVR feature is simple to set up with a range of deployment and management options that can be altered on the fly to accommodate rapid changes. When live assistance is required, customer information can be collected and forwarded to the right agent to best address their query. In the event that no agent is immediately available, then a callback option can be provided so that your customers are never need to be left waiting on hold.

As a cloud-based deployment, the Genesys Cloudcontact center comes with a range of analytics and reporting options so that efficiency and productivity can be monitored and managed, with changes made where required to improve them.

There are various Cloudplans available, with increasing price corresponding to increased feature availability. IVR comes with each plan.

Read our full Genesys Cloud review.

Best Interactive Voice Response services of 2022 (9)

Best Interactive Voice Response services of 2022 (10)

5. Twilio

The DIY IVR solution

Reasons to buy


Cheap to build


Totally customizable


Powerful features

Reasons to avoid


Coding may intimidate

(Video) Best IVR System for Small Business | IVR Software Solution by SAN Softwares | #ivrsoftware

Twiliois a programmable communications platform that allows users to develop their own customized voice, video, and messaging web and mobile applications. Trilio already provides the infrastructure and distributed software to allow you to build your solution.

Although it can sound complicated, Twilio uses relatively simple code to work with its API and web SDKs to build your own solution that can be surprisingly powerful. It's not simply that you can put together your own VoIP and video solution, you can also use a SIP interface to build programmable voice capabilities into your platform - and this includes building your own IVR solution.

Because you can design it yourself, it means your IVR would be entirely configurable, and flexible enough to adjust it to best match your customer movements and preferences. And, of course, you can tweak it on the go. The Twilio Studio makes it much easier to create your own workflows using widgets in a visual editor than coding by hand, and you can build in all the features that you want, as you need them.

You can include automated voice assistants, using pre-built templates and tools, and take payments over the phone using a PCI-compliant self-service. There's also the ability to build in a whole range of voice command options in a large number of different languages, as well as integrate omnichannel functionality to provide better access for customers.

Altogether, Twilio can sound like an intimidating prospect, but even if you didn't want to touch any coding yourself, it shouldn't be difficult for any developer to put easily put something together that works exactly to your needs, and for a much lower price than paying for a full contact center solution.

Read our full Twilio review.

Other IVR solutions for CRM

There are a lot of providers who include IVR as part of their telecoms or CRM packages, or else as a standalone service. Here we'll explore the best of the best in interactive voice response services:

ZenDesk (opens in new tab) provides IVR software as part of its award-winning CRM solution. As communications are key to customer relations, ZenDesk has a built-in telecoms solution that's available to customers, and that includes a multi-level IVR option as required. It's easy to set up a menu with options for different caller needs, and rout those calls to the required agents or departments.

TalkDesk (opens in new tab) is another solution that offers a cloud-based IVR service. Configuration is easily done through a browser window, matching text-to-speech messages with the relevant menu options. There's also a visual flow designer that ensures you can automate call routing exactly as needed, and again this is simple to do. There's also a multilingual text-to-speech options available.

Cisco Unified IP IVR (opens in new tab) is a service that builds on the company's existing strengths as part of its wider remit of cloud-based telecoms, communications, and software solutions. Working with open standards, this makes deployment and breeze and integration with existing systems easy to work with. As to be expected, the Cisco IP IVR aims to make customer services more efficient while enhancing management and reporting.

Nuance Conversational IVR (opens in new tab) is aimed at delivering not simply an IVR solution, but specifically one that can automate as many processes as possible to allow for customer self-service, in order to reduce time and costs required in handling agents. AI is used to create conversational IVR that aims to provide intuitive call steering based on natural language speech recognition.

OMGprovide on-hold messages that aim to combine the best in sales and customer support, by providing voice recordings put together using a team of industry copywriters, professional voice talent, and marketing professionals, to create on-hold telephone messages that help make for a better experience and even help develop sales.

Aside from using skilled writers, OMG use nationally known and experienced professionals, with voice overs provided alongside licensed music. Files can be provided in .mp3, .wav, .ulaw, or other formats as required, and digital software and or hardware can be supplied as required.

The company begins the process with a consultation, followed by scripting, production, then delivery. A number of audio samples are posted to the OMG website, covering a number of industries such as automotive, legal, real estate, insurance, beauty, health and medical supplies.

The company can also provide a range of other audio services, not least voice overs for radio advertising and website sampling, as well as video, digital marketing, branding, design, and print.

For their on-hold music service, OMG offer a free 60-day trial.

Which Interactive Voice Response service is best for you?

When deciding which Interactive Voice Response service to use, first consider what actual needs you have. For example, decide if you need any additional featured on top of IVR, or even whether your existing phone service might include what you need. Larger enterprises will probably want to look to the higher-end options for the more advanced tools that are included.

How we tested the best Interactive Voice Response services

To test for the best Interactive Voice Response services we searched for a range of popular options as well as took recommendations from people we know who use IVR services already. We then tried each platform to see how user-friendly each was, as well as determine what range of tools and advanced options were available. Pricing also came into account when determining our best list.

See how we test, rate, and review products on TechRadar.

We've also featured the best business phone systems (opens in new tab).

Brian has over 30 years publishing experience as a writer and editor across a range of computing, technology, and marketing titles. He has been interviewed multiple times for the BBC and been a speaker at international conferences. His specialty on techradar is Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, covering everything from office suites to IT service tools. He is also a science fiction and fantasy author, published as Brian G Turner.

(Video) What is IVR? ( Interactive Voice Response ) Explained in Hindi | IVR System for Small Business India


Which company has the best IVR? ›

CloudTalk: Best overall IVR system for standard features, including self-service and more specialized features like a call flow designer. Nectar Desk: A good choice for businesses needing call center as a service (CCaaS) features. Genesys Cloud: A good fit for businesses looking for stronger voice recognition.

How can I improve my IVR? ›

  1. Personalise as much as possible for IVR. ...
  2. The Business Intent should not be to hide agents. ...
  3. Adopt conversations with IVR. ...
  4. Make things visual. ...
  5. Don't keep your Customer Waiting. ...
  6. Analyse, IVR data can provide you the Insights. ...
  7. Measure your ROI with IVR for Task Completion Rate (TCR)

What are the different types of IVR? ›

The two basic types of IVR services are inbound and outbound. Inbound IVR systems handle incoming call volume, while outbound IVR systems make calls on either a total or partially automated dialing basis.

What is the IVR system? ›

Interactive voice response, or IVR, is an automated telephone system that combines pre-recorded messages or text-to-speech technology with a dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) interface to engage callers, allowing them to provide and access information without a live agent.

How much does IVR cost? ›

An IVR can save companies millions of dollars; a typical customer service call handled by a live agent costs $3.00 to $6.50, while an IVR transaction costs $0.03 to $0.25 per minute.

How can I make an IVR call for free? ›

We were able to track down one option: Ekiga.
  1. Ekiga. The only totally free IVR software option to make it into the list, Ekiga is a softphone which offers free SIP addresses. ...
  2. MicroSIP. ...
  3. Voxibot. ...
  4. Zendesk Talk. ...
  5. Aspect CXP Pro. ...
  6. VBVoice. ...
  7. Verboice. ...
  8. Genesys PureCloud.
20 May 2019

What is IVR example? ›

An example of IVR is when you call a company or business, and then you hear “press 1 for technical assistance, press 2 for sales support, press 0 to speak to the operator”. After you make your choice, your call is routed to an extension/call queue, or, for example, a voice message is reproduced to you.

How many options should an IVR have? ›

The conventional wisdom regarding these options according to Bruce Belfiore, CEO and senior research executive at BenchmarkPortal is that the branching tree structure of an IVR “should be no more than five (options) across (in the top menu) and three (submenus) deep.

What are key features of IVR? ›

Key IVR Features
  • Information Provider. Upon calling a system, an IVR menu can be used to provide a caller with extremely useful information. ...
  • Call Filter. ...
  • Identification. ...
  • Call Queuing & Callback Automation. ...
  • Voice Recognition. ...
  • Call Recordings. ...
  • CRM/IVR System Integration. ...
  • Self Service Actions.
26 Mar 2022

How do I convert my mobile number to IVR? ›

How can One Install an IVR Service to a Mobile Number?
  1. 4 easy steps to install an IVR service to a mobile number-
  2. Step.1 Get your service package- The first and initial step is to choose the IVR service package. ...
  3. Step. 2 Choose your desired mobile number- ...
  4. Step. 3 Service activation- ...
  5. Step. 4 Service finalization-
20 May 2021

When was IVR invented? ›

This article is part of a larger series on VoIP. The history of interactive voice response (IVR) systems started in the 1930s when the Voder machine was created. This technology was the first to analyze the English language and produce human-like audio.

Where is IVR used? ›

In telecommunications, IVR allows customers to interact with a company's host system via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition, after which services can be inquired about through the IVR dialogue.

Why is IVR important? ›

IVR significantly increases first contact resolution because callers are always directed to the agent or department that is most capable of meeting their needs. The agent who receives the call will be more qualified to answer the caller's question and will be less likely to transfer the call to another agent.

What is IVR phone number? ›

Interactive voice response or IVR is an automated business phone system feature that interacts with callers and gathers information by giving them choices via a menu. It then performs actions based on the answers of the caller through the telephone keypad or their voice response.

What is cloud based IVR? ›

Cloud-hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a SaaS solution that allows customers to make payments, connect to relevant agents, and more by interacting with automated voice prompts.

What is IVR time? ›

IVR technology eliminates wait times by responding to a caller immediately. 24/7 service. IVR technology can operate without any interruptions and is available to provide information to callers whenever they need it.

Is IVR a software? ›

Interactive voice response (IVR) is telephony software technology commonly found in call centers. IVR allows businesses to interact with callers through a series of automated menus, often enabling the customer to self-serve for faster resolution.

What is zendesk talk? ›

Zendesk Talk for voice is cloud-based call center software built right into Zendesk Support. It enables you, and your teams to provide phone support from the same platform you use to manage your other support channels.

What is IVR greeting? ›

IVR script is what callers hear when they contact you on your business phone. It is a prerecorded greeting and set of instructions that let customers navigate the IVR menu and speak with an available agent. It is also meant to inform callers about company closures, business hours, and agent unavailability.

How is IVR testing done? ›

What is IVR Experience Testing? Experience testing refers to 24/7 testing of the Customer Experience being delivered by IVR systems. Essentially, it's an automated secret shopper. Test calls are made at regular intervals to ensure everything is working correctly all the time.

Do customers like IVRS? ›

Statistically speaking, your customers hate IVR—83% of them think it provides either no value at all or a cost-benefit for the company. With more and more people turning to mobile apps and other channels, one might think IVR systems must be going downhill.

How do I set up IVR RingCentral? ›

Add an IVR Menu
  1. Log in to the RingCentral Online account.
  2. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Auto-Receptionist > IVR Menus tab.
  3. Click New IVR Menu.
  4. Enter the Extension Number and Extension Name.
  5. Click Save. You will be redirected to the IVR Menus page.
28 Jul 2022

How do you ask for a call back? ›

Now, I'll share some expressions that you can use to ask someone to call you.
  1. Please call me when you are free.
  2. If you can manage time, can you call me tonight?
  3. Call me later, please.
  4. Don't forget to call me please, it's urgent.
  5. If you are available this weekend, please call me. ...
  6. Hey! ...
  7. Call me as soon as possible.
19 Jan 2022

How do you deal with high call volume? ›

9 Ways to Manage High Call Volume
  1. Implement Self-Service Resources. ...
  2. Adopt an Online Chat Tool. ...
  3. Present a Call Back as An Option. ...
  4. Schedule Employees Strategically. ...
  5. Be Upfront With Customers. ...
  6. Use an Online Scheduling Platform. ...
  7. Outsource Your Call Center. ...
  8. Hire More Staff.

How is IVR system implemented? ›

IVR Design - Create a design specification of the application. IVR Development - Organize a development team and assign tasks. IVR Programming - Perform actual coding of the IVR application. IVR Testing - Test the IVR application prior to going live.

Is IVR safe? ›

If your IVR Payment Processing system is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, it is a safe and effective solution for your customers. When being PCI compliant, it means your business follows the technical and operational standards ensuring that the cardholder's data is protected.

How does IVR work PPT? ›

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad. Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via keypad.

What is inbound IVR? ›

Inbound IVR (Interactive Voice Response) processes calls placed by a user into a phone system. These calls are typically 800 numbers (or equivalents), although they could also be regular local or long distance calls.

How do I add my Medicare number to my IVR? ›

Patient's Medicare Number

Press "1" if the Medicare number ends in a letter or letter-number combination. Press "2" if the Medicare number begins with one or more letters. Enter the first 9 digits of the Medicare number. Any other letter press "0" for the customer service representative phone number.

What is Callerdesk? ›

Callerdesk is a Cloud telephony company providing Ready-to-use Voice communication platform for businesses. It helps to track all incoming/outgoing calls of employees, let your team add notes, track follow-up actions & customer feedback. For More details, visit our website

What is IVR in Salesforce? ›

An IVR or interactive voice response is a technology that allows callers to interact with a phone system using DTMF codes or voice commands.

Which AI domains is used by interactive voice response IVR applications? ›

Answer: Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows humans to interact with a computer-operated phone system through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via a keypad.

How do automated phone systems work? ›

Auto dialing phone systems use software and a modem to let a computer automatically dial a list of phone numbers. An Automated Calling Service makes sense in situations where many outbound calls, texts or emails are necessary, and speed and accuracy are important.

What is Cisco IVR? ›

Cisco Unified IP Interactive Voice Response (IP IVR) is designed to enhance the efficiency of your organization. It simplifies business process integration, increases flexibility, and improves efficiency in network hosting.

Does Vonage have IVR? ›

The Vonage Contact Center, designed for your CRM integrates your customer data with insights to intelligently route calls through your IVR phone system. This helps you anticipate customer needs and deliver memorable experiences.

What is Genesys IVR? ›

Genesys Enterprise IVR is the Genesys cloud IVR product delivered through Designer, a drag-and-drop customer experience design tool. Traditional IVR platforms are clunky, cumbersome, and typically deliver poor customer experiences.

What is Cloud IVR? ›

Cloud-hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a SaaS solution that allows customers to make payments, connect to relevant agents, and more by interacting with automated voice prompts.

What is IVR in Cucm? ›

Data Sheet. Cisco Unified IP Interactive Voice Response. Cisco® Unified IP Interactive Voice Response (IP IVR)—an integral component of the Cisco Unified Communications system— provides an open, extensible, and feature-rich foundation for the creation and delivery of IVR applications.

What is the difference between Cisco UCCE and UCCX? ›

Here, UCCE refers to contact center solution by Cisco specifically designed for enterprises. However, UCCX refers to the cisco contact center solution designed for small-sized companies.

What is ICM in Cisco? ›

Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise - Cisco.

How good is Vonage phone service? ›

Vonage places No. 9 in our rating of the Best Business Phone Systems of 2022. Professional reviews found Vonage to offer extremely reliable uptime meaning that the cloud network it's based on is available 99.999% of the time. That means work won't be slowed down by any issues with the service.

What is boost IVR? ›

At, we have been working on a new technology that we are calling Conversational IVR - a combination of the proprietary natural language technologies that power our chat-focused virtual agents combined with various third-party text-to-speech and speech-to-text services.

Is IVR an API? ›

Interactive Voice Response is a Voice feature available via API or web interface. Over web interface, it's available via our customer engagement platform, Moments.

What is conversational IVR? ›

Conversational IVR systems use voice commands from callers, allowing them to engage with a self-service model when they reach out to a business for assistance. These systems are smart and intuitive enough to understand the context and content of a conversation.

What is inbound IVR? ›

Inbound IVR (Interactive Voice Response) processes calls placed by a user into a phone system. These calls are typically 800 numbers (or equivalents), although they could also be regular local or long distance calls.

What is IVR time? ›

IVR technology eliminates wait times by responding to a caller immediately. 24/7 service. IVR technology can operate without any interruptions and is available to provide information to callers whenever they need it.


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