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According to the latest data, Android now edges out iOS, 31% to 30%, a significant change from the July-September 2010 period when iOS held a 33%-26% lead over Android among future smartphone purchasers.
The difference is most like not significant enough to say that Android edges out iOS. What's most likely is significant enough is Android's rise and iOS losing share.

Once again, the seperating into 'smartphone' and 'tablet' markets makes little sense. A tablet is a lot more like a laptop than a smartphone. The survey is about smartphones. The iPad isn't a smartphone, nor is the iPod Touch. It's about more than just the OS. If Microsoft decided to run Windows 7 on their smartphones, then their desktop computers, laptops, or tablets wouldn't be counted either.


Apple isn't forced to allow iOS only on their own devices.

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  • HecubusPro

    Sep 15, 06:38 PM

    Some has to say it:

    If MacOSXRumors is predicting it, then it's never going to happen.

    I thought macrumors just culls rumors from other sites, rather than producing stories/rumors themselves.

    EDIT: Sorry... didn't see the huge "OSX" in between "Mac" and "Rumors." :)

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  • jclardy

    Mar 28, 11:33 AM

    Maybe they are going to start releasing all iOS hardware updates in September?

    It is closer to the holidays which would be good for sales of those new products, but at the same time launching 2-3 new products in one month would be a waste of the massive amounts of publicity each launch gets. (Except maybe the iPod touch which usually isn't very much)

    I don't think they will launch iPad 3 in September either just because the demand for iPad 2 will still be high, and probably elevated with the launch of iOS 5.

    Announcing iPhone 5 at WWDC when it doesn't launch until September would probably hurt iPhone 4 sales up to that point.

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  • wilhelmreems

    Mar 29, 10:36 AM

    I seem to remember the "backing up your library" to the "cloud" was tried by someone before. They had software that scanned the CD in your drive and then either ripped it to their servers, or just unlocked access to that album in your account. RIAA brought them down. This seems a little different, and highly wasteful of space. If 500 people upload a copy of "whatever," Amazon has to store 500x the space of "whatever," rather then just unlocking one copy for 500x people. Keep in mind 1 meg of cloud space is easily over 10 megs of physical storage. (RAID, redundancy, geographical peers, backups, etc...)

    Amazon... not sure what to make them. They seem to be doing things which obviously will get them sued. I guess they figure if any ONE takes off they will make bank. Either way, I'm excited about this because Apple is great at being the best. The better the competition, the better the Apple product.

    not really true. it depends on what kind of storage options they are currently running, there are many devices and programs out there that eliminate this kind of redundancy and odds are amazon is using them right now.

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  • bella92108

    Apr 5, 02:09 PM

    That ad should be pulled for one reason, it's ugly as sin.

    Then pull 90% of themes from cydia... 75% of the wallpapers are some asian chick sitting on the hood of some car the users will never be able to afford. hahaha

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  • wacky4alanis

    Nov 30, 12:36 PM

    I used the Tom-Tom mount for our trip from Boston down to Maryland over the Thanksgiving holiday. It was great! I found it extremely useful to simply use the standard iPhone maps to show traffic conditions. We saved many hours by avoiding traffic back-ups with real-time dynamic routing (using our eyes and brains). I found that I was able to re-route myself by simply looking at the maps, so a navigation program was not really necessary.

    I also loved the fact that I could play music through my car stereo. It was also very easy to pop the iPhone out of the mount when we stopped at rest areas. To be honest, I don't think we really needed the improved GPS functionality of the Tom-Tom. The mount itself was the most useful thing (power, music, hands-free phone).

    I think the GPS navigation functionality will be more useful for local trips where I am trying to find a place I've never been to.

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  • Mal

    Jul 29, 11:17 PM

    My hope is for the phone to work on the Nextel / Sprint network not just because I have a Nextel, but because they have had time with their walkie-talkie feature, and I'd imagine that that would benefit the use of something like iChat over the phone.

    I can't see Apple releasing an iDEN compatible phone ever. iDEN (Nextel) is going away by 2010 supposedly, and it'll be just the CDMA and GSM networks. Apple needs to either support both (like the Treo) or stick with GSM so they don't get locked into a single carrier. Cingular's good, but I want to use it with T-Mobile too. Lots of people on Verizon or Sprint want to as well, though it'll be trickier to do that, since the carriers have to make the ESN swaps and they don't want to do that to a phone they don't sell/support (read: make money off of). I do agree that the walkie-talkie function could potentially be used, but all the big networks have a version of it, and Cingular, T-Mobile, and Verizon's are all supposed to be made compatible before too much longer, whereas Sprint/Nextel is keeping both versions of theirs exclusive, which limits it's usefulness.


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  • ivladster

    Apr 18, 04:15 PM

    I guess I can see Apple's point. But, aren't all tablets going to have a similar style and interface? It would seem like there can be only marginal differences in a touch screen interface.

    Not really. Google is actually pretty different from iOS. It's Samsung who chose to edit the interface and all those icons to look like iPhone. That's why Apple is going straight after Samsung. Android OS has some similarities but overall they are pretty different.

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  • Don't panic

    May 3, 04:34 PM

    i took the liberty to re-write the rules AS I UNDERSTANND THEM, which incorporate all the Q&A
    there are a couple of passages that are still unclear to me, which are higlighted in red:


    The game begins with 1 villain and 7 heroes. The villain and each of the heroes have their own story and motivations that are PMed to them and not unveiled publicly.

    The roles will be known to all from the beginning - there will be no secret roles. The only secrets in this game are: the full map (only the Game Masters and the Villain has access) and the secret motivations/powers of the Couple, the Wizard and the Adventurers.
    The map will be slowly revealed to the Heroes as they move through the mansion.

    The Villain:

    The villain made a deal with Satan in which he takes over the mansion and it's many treasures, as well as take control of The Artifact. The Villain is the only player to have knowledge of the full map at the onset. With The Artifact, the villain is able to place monsters and traps anywhere in the mansion. The Artifact also enables the villain to self-heal (1 HP per turn). The Artifact can only be accessed in the Lair. If the villain moves away from the Lair, he will not be able to either set monsters/traps or self-heal.
    The villain starts at level 16 and cannot level up whatsoever. His stats were determined by how many heroes there are (2 HP and AP for each playing hero).

    His Goal: kill’em all.

    The Heroes:

    They all start at level 1. Their stats begin at 1 HP and 1 AP. Each time they level up, 1 HP and 1 AP will be added to their stats.

    Certain heroes have special powers known only to them, and revealed to the other heroes at their own discretion.

    The Couple: Two heroes are the parents of a child who is suffering from a loathsome disease. To save their daughter, they must obtain The Artifact and call forth it's powers.

    The Wizard: He was sent in by the King to stop the Villain. He has awesome magical powers.

    Adventurers: Here for glory and treasure.

    Heroes’ Goal: tthe endgame is slightly different for the different characters, but it requires killing the villain and retrieving The Artifact.
    Note: Some scenarios see all surviving heroes as winners, some only some of them.

    Game Mechanics:

    Each rounds consist of a double turn for the heros followed by a double turn for the villain. Each turn corresponds to one action.
    There is no time limite on any turn: the Heroes’ turn ends when the team leader communicates his decision to the GMs. The villain turns is all by PM.
    At the beginning, the Band of Heroes choses its Leader (by voting). The Leader can be changed at any time by a simple majority, and it applies from the following turn

    Heroes actions (decided by the leader in the thread, which should, but not necessarily has to, reflect the group opinion expressed through voting/discussion exclusively in the thread):
    1)Move: the group opens a passage and moves into the next room.
    2)Explore: the group explores the room they are in. they can find and disable traps, find and collect treasure.
    3)Split and move: part of the group splits into a separate sub-group, who will have a separate turn(s) from next turn on. The new group chooses a new leader, the old group retains the old leader. The first, immediate, action of the new group HAS to be to move into a separate room (or stay in a room if the other group moves. If two groups get back into the same room, the next turn they can choose to merge again. When groups merge, they choose a new common leader. The splitting per se doesn’t count as a move, but the splinter group has to immediately move/explore, so it counts as that group's action.
    4)Special actions: determined by the characters’ special powers. No one except a character knows the nature, extension or frequency of use of any of the special powers, including the villain. They are additional moves to the regular ones.

    Villain actions: communicated to the GMs by PMs, but he can post in the thread if so he wishes

    When he is in his lair, in the presence of the Artifact, the Villain can:
    1)summon and place one or more new monster to any empty room, provided he has the required aura points. Big monster cost more aura points. Once a monster is assigned to a room, it can never be moved elsewhere
    2)build one or more new trap and place it in any empty room, including already explored ones, provided he has enough aura points. Big traps cost more points.
    1 and 2 can be combined in one turn, provided enough points are available

    3)heal himself 1 HP

    from any position he can
    4)move to another room
    5)wait and earn 1 aura point. The villain can instead decide (active communication to the GM) to wait and collect points, which can then be used to summon monsters or build traps (to do this he has to go back to the Lair).
    he can wait for as many consecutive turns he wants, in which no other actions are performed by the villain
    the Villain starts with an undisclosed amount of traps and monsters which are all placed at the beginning of the game

    Monsters: Monsters lurk in their assigned room and don’t move. They will automatically attack the group entering the room in a fight to the death of one of the parties. Monsters do not attack the villain.

    Traps: any armed trap is triggered any time heroes attempts to leave the room where the trap is concealed in without exploring it.
    The amount of damage depends on the trap and is randomly distributed (or otherwise stated). The Villain is immune to all traps.

    Treasures: they are placed by the GM at the beginning of the game, both GM and the Villain know their locations.
    Level treasure: everyone in the group discovering it, levels up
    Healing treasure: : 5 HP are assigned to each of the discoverers, up to their level.

    Fights: A fight starts whenever heroes enter a room with monsters or the villain, and it is always a team battle.
    The Attack Points (AP) of each side are combined. The total AP represents the total damage inflicted to the other side. This is randomly distributed to each component of the other side (if more than one), and subtracted from their individual HP.
    When HP=0, then the monster or character is dead.
    In case of equal stats, the winner will be determined by, and the loser's stats will be knocked down one point, and the consequences applied accordingly.

    example: say our team has split up, and we have three Heroes (the Couple and an Adventurer), stumble upon a Monster. Let's assume that our Heroes is level 2. That would mean they both have 2 HP and 2 AP. The unfortunate Monster has 3 HP and 3 AP. Oh no! But wait, we combine the three heroes' stats, so the Team's stats are 6 HP and 6 AP. Poor Monster, indeed. It's dead, but its 3 AP means it'll hit the Team with 3 HP - each point will be assigned randomly to the members.

    Stats: all heroes start at 1HP, 1AP and gain 1 point each per level.
    When attacking, a group is considered like one entity and their AP combine.
    When receiving damage, the damage points are randomly distributed (
    When receiving healing from treasure, the heal points are randomly distributed in a group.
    The maximum HP of a character cannot exceed its level

    Levelling: Discover treasure: gain a level. Kill a monster: gain a level. That's it.
    There is no maximum level, and levels are gained by all the participant in the group who did the killing/discovery

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  • ccroo

    Sep 11, 12:21 AM

    If there is no new case design (maybe SR will bring one) it might be easy for Apple to just slip Merom's into the MBP line beneath the iPod/streaming/video fanfare. Without a new look, how big a deal is a 10% speedbump and 64 bit chips that IMACS for Chrissakes have already had for a week?

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  • verces

    Apr 20, 03:21 AM

    Hopefully Apple will be sensible and call this the iPhone 4S. Which means I will wait for the real iPhone 5.

    Just realised my last post was exactly one year ago! What a coincidence.....freaky.

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  • SirHaakon

    Mar 29, 07:17 PM

    thanks but i dont need this. :rolleyes:
    Then don't use it?

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  • alent1234

    Mar 28, 11:28 AM

    Might like to point out that part of the problem with Android updates is not the manufactures but the Carriers.
    AT&T being by far the worse offenders. If AT&T had its way the iPhone would never get more than security updates. To upgrade your OS you would have to buy a new phone.
    This is no were more apparent that looking no farther than the GalaxyS phones. AT&T GalaxyS phone (Captivate) still is waiting on its Android 2.2 update when over seas it is already getting its Android 2.3 updated. Clearly it is not the manufacture causing problems but the carrier.
    I hope the manufactures start taking a cue from Apple and MS to say screw the carriers and start supply updates for their phones. No more blocking the updates from the carriers.

    Apple is about the only company that can get away with the delay. Most others would be fried for it. iPhone is already starting to show its age and delaying it longer will only make it worse.

    wasn't that samsung's fault with the custom UI they put on the phone and issues with 2.3?

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  • April Dancer

    Jul 31, 05:49 AM

    couldn't they just release it as an UNLOCKED phone, sell it on their site and allow us to use it with who ever?

    I really think that would be the best and most sensible option. Sell it sim-free, put it on the shelves in the AS next to the iPods and it'll fly away... the first one into my pocket! It might affect sales of the Nano (but it's all Apple sales so...) but it won't touch the high end iPod. I'm keeping my 5G and replacing it with the fabled all singing all dancing 6G if it ever materialises.

    My contract is up next month and I was eyeballing the SE W850 but if there's going to be an Apple logo on any phone soon, I'm having it. Sad I know but hey!

    Mind you, how long will it take to get to the UK? I'll probably be able to complete another year's contract before then!

    Don't panic

    May 4, 01:50 PM

    I would suggest that we always move forward. I think going backwards is only something worth considering IF am adventurer sustains significant injury and we had JUST left a room w an unused healing potion / talisman / chingas. Why give mscriv the opportunity to seed traps behind us?

    well, we left two doors unopened in the initial room, so going back to the start room and look what's there, is a way to 'move forward'. besides, mscriv can put the trap/monster in the room in front too.
    (and apparently you cannot use potions 'later')

    do we agree on exploring this room now?


    Sep 11, 04:08 AM

    You have it easy. When I was a kid, in order to download a movie, we had to push two wheelbarrows full of blank paper six miles through the snow to the movie company's headquarters where we had to type the binary codes for the movie file out on a broken typewriter, cart it all home and retype it into the computer which would take 6-8 weeks during which we were allowed no sleep and no rest and only a plate of crusty, stale bread and a glass of filthy water. And when we were done, our dad would beat us around the head and the neck with a rusty railspike... if we were lucky.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist carrying on with the Monty Python reference I saw starting up. :D )

    Round wheels on those wheelbarrows? You were lucky!

    We only 'ad square wheels on our wheelbarrows an' they were made out of lead...


    Mar 30, 07:16 PM

    Dear Apple

    PLEASE can we have a UI update, even if it's a minor one (for instance, iTunes 10 scrollbars rather than the blue aqua ones). Just some extra polish really.



    The blue scrollbars look like the blue glow on the warp nacelles of NCC-1701D.

    I like them.


    nerdy as ever


    Aug 3, 12:20 AM

    You have said this before and it is TOTALLY WRONG if you are comparing the Merom to Yonah ( The first slide is directly from Intel's Spring Developer Conference. Consistent battery does not mean 2X.There is this field report on CNET. This is not info from a SLIDE. It is from a real world field test.

    Video: Long-lasting Intel Core 2 Duo notebooks (

    Over 5 hours of battery life with Merom vs. 3 hours with Yonah. 1.67 X or ALMOST Twice.

    To New York on Airplane from San Francisco, Yonah PC battery died over Illinois while same size Merom PC battery made it all the way to New York City with power to spare. So I am RIGHT NOT WRONG. You are uninformed. :eek:


    Apr 20, 01:54 AM

    How many people think this is some elaborate scheme to get people to think it will come out in the fall, when they might be setting people up for a surprise with the release of iphone 4 -white as the new ip5?

    Nobody, as the White Iphone 4 gets released @ end of this month.

    current white house floor plan (2024)
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