Mega Joker (2024)

The game itself is available at the top online casinos. It has a varying jackpot and the grid consists of five reels, three rows, and five paylines. Minimum bets start from one credit per spin, making it accessible to gamers of all experience levels and budgets. There are different modes, bonuses, and features locked into the game to assist you in your pursuit of clinching cash prizes which can be played for 24/7 provided there is a stable internet connection.

How To Play

Playing the game is relatively straightforward and is like most other online slot machines you will find on NetEnt’s website. To the bottom of the screen, these are the three main buttons which will be of good use to everyone:

  • The Collect button allows any money to be collected any time the reels are not rolling, and the Spin button is only to be pressed once you are ready to begin playing.
  • The Bet button can be used to determine the overall amount of your bet and any winnings will be added to the account balance on the screen.
  • Once you have decided on the amount, simply press Spin and watch the reels roll.

Mega Joker Features

At the bottom of the screen, you will the jackpot located between the spin and bet buttons, you will also notice the jackpot which will always have a fixed value for when you start spinning the reels. There are also two modes to be aware of as they can be played in either basic mode or ‘The Supermeter Mode’ which could increase your prospects of winning a cash premium.

This mode is only played on the uppermost reels on screen at one of the four bet levels on each payline. Supermeter credits can be collected and carried over whenever you decide to switch back to the basic mode. There is also a randomly awarded progressive jackpot up for grabs when making the switch to this gaming mode. Be sure to grab your seat and play only at the best mobile casinos the digital world has to offer.


Mega Joker symbols include Cherries, Lemons, Watermelons, Bells, Treasure, Jesters, and Lucky 7s which only appear in the Supermeter mode. These symbols can be won in both modes and provide different payouts depending on which mode is in play.

The maximum payout for each symbol in each mode is as follows;

  • Cherries x3 – 10 to 20 Coins
  • Lemons x3 – 10 to 20 Coins
  • Watermelons x3 40 to 80 Coins
  • Bells x3 100 – 200 Coins
  • Treasure Troves x3 – 200 to 2,000 Coins
  • Three Jesters x3 10 – 400 Coins
  • Cherries x3 – 100 to 200 Coins
  • Oranges x3 – 100 to 200 Coins
  • Lemons x3 – 200 to 400 Coins
  • Grapes x3 – 300 to 500 Coins
  • Watermelons x3 500 to 1,000 Coins
  • Bells x3 100 – 600 – 1200 Coins
  • Three Sevens x3 – 800 to 2,000 Coins
  • Three or more Jesters x3 100 – 2,000 Coins

Try NetEnt’s slot and table games today and discover a cascade of opportunity.

Mega Joker (2024)
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