RFID News Roundup - RFID JOURNAL (2022)

NXP intros NFC Secure Element for automotive key fobs; V1CE offers NFC cards as alternative to business cards; Milesight, Senet partner on LoRaWAN gateway interoperability; L-com expands sensor line to include IoT applications; Fairview Microwave releases wideband antennas for IoT.

  • NXP Intros NFC Secure Element for Automotive Key Fobs
  • V1CE Offers NFC Cards as Alternative to Business Cards
  • Milesight, Senet Partner on LoRaWAN Gateway Interoperability
  • L-com Expands Sensor Line to Include IoT Applications
  • Fairview Microwave Releases Wideband Antennas for IoT

Sep 01, 2022Presented here are recent news announcements in the radio frequency identification and Internet of Things industries.

NXP Intros NFC Secure Element for Automotive Key Fobs

NXP Semiconductors has announced the release of its NCJ37x automotive-qualified Secure Element (SE) with Near Field Communication (NFC) and wired interfaces for smart fobs, designed for keyless entry and security-critical applications in connected cars. The NCJ37x SE comes with cryptographic accelerators and built-in electrical attack resistance for various automotive applications, such as smart-access key fobs, Qi 1.3 authentication and car-to-cloud communication.

RFID News Roundup - RFID JOURNAL (1)The device supports the protocols from the Car Connectivity Consortium, NXP reports, and its passive ISO 14443-4 NFC interface and secure design are intended to address the needs of smart fobs combining ultra-wideband (UWB), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and passive NFC technologies. The system enables new use cases for smart fobs, according to NXP, such as storing digital keys for multiple cars, as well as offering payment means besides bank cards. The NCJ37x SE works with NXP's NCJ38x car-side SE and corresponding secure applets. Passive ISO 14443-4 NFC, SPI and I2C interfaces enable protection against attack scenarios.

"The NCJ37x supports the digitalization trends of next-generation access systems with a very high level of security in the industry," said Rainer Lutz, NXP Semiconductors' director digital for keys and NFC, in a prepared statement. "A dedicated smart fob applet compatible with the CCC digital key protocol is the smart choice for designing the next-generation smart fobs. NXP's NCJ37x is another step towards advancing security in smart connected cars."

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The NCJ37x features the Java Card Operating system, the Trust Provisioning service and secure over-the-air updatability. The SE enables Common Criteria EAL 6+ certified security for automotive applications, including car access, driver authorization, CCC digital key, car-to-cloud communication and Qi 1.3 authentication. The passive or powered-by-the-field NFC interface can serve as a backup if the fob battery is drained. It comes with 600 kilobytes of secure flash memory, allowing the use of multiple active security domains and apps.

V1CE Offers NFC Cards as Alternative to Business Cards

RFID News Roundup - RFID JOURNAL (2)V1CE has announced a new medium for users to share information regarding their Near Field Communication (NFC) cards, allowing mobile phones and NFC cards to share data immediately and seamlessly. V1CE says its solution allows virtual business cards, containing as much or as little data as a user might require, to be shared instantaneously. The company offers customers the option of designing cards in a style best suited to their particular needs, in the color of their choice and composed of a variety of materials, such as bamboo, polyvinyl chloride, metal or 24-karat gold.

According to the company, its single card is intended to replace a large quantity of traditional paper business cards, while offering a sharing feature by which customers can receive contact details so they can follow up at a later date. The card is coded to V1CE's software, available on IOS- and Android-based devices, as well as via Web browsing, enabling users to gain control over the customizability of their personal information. Card owners can edit and share information with other people, such as their job role and location, videos and images, social-media pages and links to other websites.

With the NFC card, V1CE explains, entrepreneurs with several businesses can create multiple profiles, which they can use to share information with specific people, negating the need to carry various cards for different purposes. Users can filter the information within each profile, allowing them to share only what they deem necessary for a given recipient. Receivers do not require the software, and users can track analytics based on the information they share, then run marketing campaigns.

Milesight, Senet Partner on LoRaWAN Gateway Interoperability

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) solution provider Milesight and cloud-based software and services platforms supplier Senet have jointly announced a partnership to qualify Milesight's LoRaWAN gateways and sensor-enabled end devices for operation on Senet's network. Sensors qualified include those for monitoring total volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide concentration, temperature, humidity, activity level, leak detection and other indoor environmental conditions. Outdoor devices for water level, pipe pressure and soil monitoring are expected to evaluated as well, the companies note.

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"The successful qualification of Milesight gateways and devices on the Senet network further demonstrates the compatibility and stability of our products, which is why many users choose Milesight for their projects," said Leon Jiang, Milesight's vice president, in a prepared statement. "For Milesight, this collaboration is not only an example of momentum in our ecosystem, but brings sound solutions to our customers, especially for projects that require Senet's carrier-grade network service."

Bruce Chatterley, Senet's CEO, added in the statement, "Milesight's high-capacity and easy-to-install gateways represent outstanding additions to our portfolio of qualified products, expanding the ability of Senet and our partners to provide reliable LoRaWAN coverage across the globe. We look forward to continuing our collaboration as we strive to provide customers with the best options for deploying and managing LoRaWAN networks and sensor-enabled devices for their IoT projects."

RFID News Roundup - RFID JOURNAL (3)Infinite Electronics brand L-com, a supplier of wired and wireless connectivity products, has expanded its line of sensors designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The IoT sensors offer pinpoint accuracy, the company reports, in measuring pressure, temperature, humidity, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, pH, chlorine and turbidity levels. The sensors are in stock now and are available for immediate shipment, the company reports.

Tge new pressure and temperature sensors feature a micro-fused silicon strain gauge, a leak-free elastomer structure, integrated temperature compensation, independent pressure and temperature outputs, and resistance to shock, overload and vibration. Applications include industrial process and control, automated detection, hydraulic and full-motion control, pumping stations and water treatment systems.

In addition, L-com has added more than two dozen new temperature sensors. Some feature a sensitive platinum-resistance element inside a 316L stainless steel probe, as well as a laser-welded housing compatible with gasses and liquids. Some models come with infrared sensors that offer continuous measurement without contacting measured objects, along with a 32-bit CPU and an optimized lens for a more uniform beam and measurements within milliseconds, the company reports.

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Also new is a range of temperature switches, digital temperature transmitters and compact infrared sensors for tight spaces. These products, L-com indicates, are suitable for ventilation, hydraulic, pneumatic, water treatment and automation system applications, as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The IoT temperature and humidity sensors include a duct-mount model for air-stream measurements, as well as two wall-mount sensors with RS-485/Modbus RTU output. Applications include building automation, greenhouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing and chemical production.

In its SRWQ series, L-com offers five new sensors for gauging dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, potential hydrogen, residual chlorine and turbidity. These sensors can be used in chemical production, food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, desalination plants, petroleum refining, cooling towers and boilers, and the treatment of water, sewage and industrial waste, according to the company.

"There is a big demand for IoT-connected sensors in just about every industry," said Tim Houghton, L-com's product line manager, in a prepared statement. "L-com is meeting this need with IoT sensors that are not only extremely accurate but rugged enough to deliver day in and day out, even in harsh environments. By offering a wide range of sensors off the shelf with same-day shipping, we can meet our customers' urgent demands."

Fairview Microwave Releases Wideband Antennas for IoT

RFID News Roundup - RFID JOURNAL (4)Fairview Microwave, another Infinite Electronics brand that provides RF, microwave and millimeter-wave products, has expanded its line of wideband, log-periodic antennas that operate from 600 to 6,000 MHz for point-to-point wireless communications. Fairview says its outdoor-rated, directional antennas function as boosters where an existing cellular signal is weak and needs to reach longer distances, making them suitable for strengthening Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, 4G, LTE, CMDA, LoRA and Wi-Fi signals.

The antennas are in stock now and are ready for immediate shipment, the company reports, with no minimum order quantity. They feature 8- to 12-inch pigtails terminated with a single Type N female connector, in addition to vertical polarization and brackets that allow for either vertical or horizontal mounting. The radomes of these 5G, log-periodic, directional antennas have a weatherproof ABS construction to ensure high performance and reliability in harsh environments. The antennas feature gain ranging from 3 to 16 dBi and can be used for long-distance directional communication over a range of frequencies.

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"Our expanded line of outdoor-rated, wideband, log-periodic, directional antennas offers high-gain performance to support long-distance, point-to-point, wireless applications," said Kevin Hietpas, Fairview Microwave's product manager, in a prepared statement. "This new antenna series covers options for all sub-6 GHz telecommunications, DAS, Wi-Fi and WISP coverage to address all of our customers' wireless networking requirements."


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