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Your Feedback, Our Response
Your FeedbackOur Response
Following the release of Poll Blog v2, a lot of players shared thoughts about Question #11 and the potential of increasing the drop rates for Revenant weapons. Many felt as though the options offered were too low, or that there might be alternative solutions to make these more reasonably obtainable while also safeguarding the price of any potential attachments (should they come to pass).We've reworded Question #10 and altered Question #11. We saw your feedback that a 20% drop rate increase might not be the best approach to improving the obtainability of Revenant weapons, and that by proceeding in this way there would be no further adjustments.

Whilst further adjustments are always an option, we've changed our approach slightly. First off, in Poll Question #10 we'll let you decide whether or not the Revenant weapons drop rates should be made more reasonable. Within that same question, we've stated that should this pass, we'll address the exact means as to how the improvements will be made in a separate poll in the near future.

Question #11 has now been changed into an 'opinion poll', highlighting a few of the suggestions we saw gaining traction, giving you an opportunity to support as many or as few as you like for further discussion.

This would mean that should players vote 'Yes' to Question #10, we'll be using feedback gathered and responses from Question #11 to construct a smaller poll in the future which will determine exactly how Revenant weapons will be handled alongside this rework. Let us know what you think of this approach, it's something a little different and we're always keen for feedback!

Players expressed overwhelming concerns about the inclusion of Motherlode Mine on Question #9, believing the activity doesn't suit a reward like the Dragon Pickaxe. Some players also felt like Zalcano already has a number of unique offerings and worthwhile rewards.We agree with the sentiment expressed by players here. We've removed Motherlode Mine and Zalcano from the question. We'd be open to including Zalcano in a further revision if it's something the community wants, so let us know how you feel about it!
A lot of players didn't feel like the Voidwaker looked menacing enough and wanted to see another proposal.We've included a third option (Option C) in Question #7. The art team shared this concept across social media and players seemed think it was a better direction for this spooky, void-y, Wilderness-y sword!
Some players felt the Webweaver Bow was too visually similar to the Twisted Bow.We're going to make a couple of changes to the Webweaver Bow that should set it apart a little more from the Twisted Bow. We'll update this blog once we have some updated visuals!
Some players noted that the Design Blog was amended to say we'd be open to buffing the drop rates of Craw's Bow, Viggora's Chainmace and Thammaron's Sceptre from Revenants, but that we hadn't mentioned it here.This was an oversight on our part! For context, we want to try and keep the value of these attachments in a healthy spot and not necessarily have them limited by the base weapons being extremely rare. We've added some extra text regarding this, and included two new questions (#10 and #11) to let you decide!
Eagle-eyed readers noticed that the Accursed Sceptre's had lower Magic Defence than Thammaron's Sceptre.This one was a typo! We updated the original blog with the new image, highlighting that both of the weapons in question have a Magic Defence of +20. We just wanted to mention this here so everybody was on the same page.
Players asked whether or not the reworked Thammaron's Sceptre (and Accursed Sceptre) would be able to autocast Flames of Zamorak, given Thammaron's Zamorakian associations.In short: yes! We've updated the main body of text to reflect this.
A handful of players were worried that the MVP-style loot system would mean the content is only worthwhile for a couple of players per group.Drop tables aren't set in stone at this point, and we want to assure players that we'll be aiming to balance profitability so that it feels worthwhile for everybody in a group. It's also important to reiterate that there's a delicate balance to be struck between incentivising players in this way and risking the content being so profitable in large groups that it borders on beingtooworthwhile. We hope to see the uniques offered hold a strong enough value that splits between organised groups should offset these concerns a little.

As always, we're prepared to tweak and adjust tables as necessary to get the reworked Wilderness Bosses into a healthy spot and are always open to feedback on ways to achieve this.

Some concerns were raised around GP/hr being in line with safe, instanced content not properly incentivising the risk of potential multi-combat PvP encounters.We understand the sentiment here, and that players want the reward to justify the risk. With a player-run economy we're usually cautious with committing to fixed numbers for GP rates and try to target estimates, since we can't know where the price of unique rewards is likely to settle.

We gave these as examples of content with higher requirements and likely more difficult encounters, but want to reiterate once more that we're open to making tweaks where necessary to encourage healthy levels of activity, incentive without making the profitability feel imbalanced, and a reward that feels worth the associated risk.

Some players felt there was an inconsistency between unpolled alternative sources of the Dragon Pickaxe while polling the proposed unique rewards from the Wilderness Boss Rework. These players are worried that the rewards will fail and the bosses themselves will be less worthwhile than before.We saw a bunch of talk on this topic and feel it's worth us sharing our thoughts on.

It's important to note that the main focus of this update is the rework itself. We view this as a much-needed modernisation of some outdated Old School content and a means to deliver on these bosses' original promise of being a multi-combat experience. Regardless of the outcome of any rounds of polling unique rewards, we'll be able to balance GP/hr rates around these outcomes to ensure the bosses are still appealing to do and that the reward properly aligns with the risk.

As we've stated in the blog, the Dragon Pickaxe has been a long-standing controversial item, owing to its uses as a mid-game skilling upgrade being solely obtainable through Wilderness activity. When compared to similar items (most notably the Dragon Axe and Dragon Harpoon), the Dragon Pickaxe is somewhat of an outlier, since the others are obtained through relatively 'early' PvM and both have skilling alternatives. We want to use this as an opportunity to show that we're trying to do right by those who love PvP and those who don't with this rework as well as future additions to the Wilderness. We hope that moving this item and decoupling what's felt to be core progression from PvP might relieve some of the tension between players who do and don't PvP, ultimately making future PvP updates more palatable for the wider community and allowing us to lean more heavily on what makes the Wilderness so unique in future updates.

While we feel like the rewards currently proposed would be great additions to the Wilderness and help the rework be at its best, we don't feel they're absolutely essential for us to be able to rework the bosses. There may be further iterations of these rewards before the rework even goes live, and opportunities to visit rewards over time even if the current offerings fail. This was the case with Revenant weapons themselves, polled in July 2018, 8 months after the Revenant Caves themselves had passed a poll, with a whole host of other proposed rewards in the meantime. These weapons were polled to everybody, and we believe these should be too, since they're not specific to PvP or PvM and instead accoommodate both cohorts.

We don't want to appear dismissive of the concerns some players have. We understand the feelings surrounding poll outcomes for PvP-related offerings in recent years and why some players feel history is due to repeat. We think it's worth noting that we've not actually seen much negativity towards the rewards and that the Wilderness Boss Rework is one of the most positively-received proposals relating to PvP we've had in a long time. We're committed to making sure the rework improves the health of these bosses and doesn't reduce activity surrounding them, we're more than happy to revisit rewards if needed and to tweak other drops as necessary to ensure they're worth your time.

Back in August, we shared with you our design for the Wilderness Boss Rework.

In the design blog, we detailed our plans to bring Vet'ion, Callisto and Venenatis more in line with the standards we now set for Old School content, almost a decade since the game's release.

A brief reminder

In short, we plan to re-home these bosses in a proper multi-way combat environment and breathe some new life into the multi-PvP community, an area that's been lacking attention for some time.

Back in 2014 the intention for these bosses were to be encounters you'd tackle with friends, but their punishing design meant players instead found ingenious ways to solo them in safespots in order to obtain some of their juicy loot for themselves.

As part of this rework, we'd like to move these bosses into their own respective lairs, connected by the Escape Caves. We're giving each boss a whole new set of attacks and a unique environment so that you and your thrill-seeking friends can take them on like never before!

Boasting a fair-for-all 'MVP-style' loot system (similar to Nex), everyone engaging in combat with the various bosses will be eligible for loot. The hardest-hitting among you can expect to see GP per hour in line with iconic bosses like Vorkath or the Alchemical Hydra.

The fights themselves are pretty simple, leaving you plenty of room to focus on the real threat at hand: other players. You'll have to decide whether to fight for your territory or chance a daring escape to keep your loot safe.

While we know there are a whole host of players who have been craving more multi-combat activities in the Wilderness, we're also aware that it's not for everyone. For that reason, we've also decided to include safer, single-way combat alternatives to the reworked bosses as part of our design. These would be mid-level encounters set around or below Level 30 Wilderness, and essentially function as 'toned down' versions of their multi-way counterpart. Players might find themselves fighting Callisto's Second Cousin, Vet'ion's Thrall or Venenatis' Aunt Vera. It's worth noting that these alternatives will be significantly easier to take down than the bosses that currently exist and should be a good bit more accessible to players who haven't got a Craw's bow lying around!

These single-way alternatives would retain a similar (or shorter!) 'time to complete' for pre-existing Collection Log slots like their pet or respective Wilderness Ring, but offer less GP per hour and a reduced chance at some of the new uniques on offer when compared to the multi-way combat bosses. Similarly, these alternatives should count for any associated Diary tasks or Combat Achievements.

This is only a brief summary of the full design, make sure you read the full blog if you haven't already! It's full of a whole bunch of detail, some awful jokes and some fantastic art!

Before talking next steps, we'd like to address the concerns raised around protection services.

While a lot of players seemed to enjoy parts of the proposal, some expressed worries about the return of groups selling 'protection', similar to the Revenant Caves during their initial multi-combat days. This consisted of players locking down a world and offering protection against player killers for in-game gold.

This is a concern we'd anticipated and we've tried to build our design around reducing the potential of these services thriving. These design choices include:

  • The area and spread of the caves
  • An MVP-style loot system where everybody (Irons included) is able to take part and be rewarded
  • Measures to prevent hopping around inside the Escape Caves
  • Entry fees to discourage raggers
  • Single-way combat alternatives offering the same uniques (albeit at lower rates)

With all of the above in mind, we believe that the incentive to provide these services, as well as the ease of performing them, should be heavily reduced.

Should issues arise we won't hesitate to discuss further tweaks to the content, while punishing any rulebreakers. We want the content to be a healthy and much-anticipated hotspot for teams, small groups of friends or even brave solo adventurers looking to throw caution to the wind, and we'll make any changes necessary to ensure players are engaging with the rework in good faith.

Wilderness Boss Rework - Poll Blog (1)

With all of that said, let's get into the main topic of this blog... Polling!

It's no secret that PvP tends to be a more controversial topic than most in Old School RuneScape these days. Updates to PvP or the Wilderness are often deemed to favour one group or another. With this rework, we want to improve these bosses for all groups, not just one. We'd also like to address long-standing frustrations such as the Dragon Pickaxe being a Wilderness-exclusive item, which has over time escalated tensions between those who love PvP and those who don't.

We feel the current iterations of Vet'ion, Venenatis and Callisto fall pretty far south of the standards and balance that players and the team alike have come to expect from Old School-exclusive content.

For this reason, the rework itself will not be polled.

This extends to all parts of the rework: the multi-combat bosses, the single-combat alternatives, the provision of alternative sources for the Dragon Pickaxe, all of it.

We want players to feel like they're making a choice between high-risk and high-reward, or reduced-risk and fewer rewards. We want groups, clans, small teams, or a handful of your pals loaded up on pizza to be able to get stuck in without solo players and Iron players feeling left in the dust.

While we believe this to be a necessary change and a much-needed modernisation, we understand that some of you are likely not overjoyed with this decision. We want to reassure you all that following the content's release, we will do our utmost to work with you, the community, and make any tweaks necessary ensure this is a rework that you will be able to enjoy.

As part of this rework, we'd like to offer a selection of new unique rewards. These rewards impact players all over the Wilderness and beyond. With a host of upgraded Revenant weapons aimed to make anti-PKing a little more comfortable for Wilderness PvMers and the Voidwaker, an homage to Korasi's Sword aimed to bring some nostalgia and diversity to PvP spec weapons (without being outright stronger than anything currently offered), we hope there's a little somebody for everybody.

The poll questions for the rewards in this blog will not be restricted in any way. This doesn't mean we won't continue with restricted polling in the future, but we want this rework to offer something for everybody, and everybody deserves a say in shaping the new rewards offered.

The rewards as-proposed have been accessible in beta worlds for just over a week and will remain usable until this poll closes. So make sure to jump in and give us feedback - we're prepared to chop, change, tweak and rework as required until you're happy with what's on offer!

Wilderness Boss Rework - Poll Blog (2)

While players have had some time to get their hands on these in the Beta worlds, we figured we'd give you all a quick refresher and make sure everybody's up to speed!

Thammaron's Sceptre

This one's not strictly a reward, but a rework we proposed to give the least-used Revenant weapon some love.

Looking at the above, you'll likely notice two things.

First of all, the reworked Thammaron's Sceptre will be able to autocast non-powered spells. In practice, this means players will be able to autocast Standard spellbook offerings like Fire Surge (and Flames of Zamorak, it's a Zamorakian weapon after all!) as well as Ancient Magicks like Ice Barrage.

When used against NPCs, the Revenant weapon bonus against Wilderness NPCs will still apply. Meaning Wilderness Slayer enjoyers can expect to see some massive barrages if they're willing to take a little extra risk. We feel as though this is a neat way to give a little boost to Wilderness Slayer alongside the Wilderness Boss Rework, since it could stand to be a little more rewarding for the risk associated.

It's worth noting that non-powered spells cast while holding Thammaron's Sceptre will cost Ether on top of their associated Rune cost.

And if that wasn't enough, the reworked Thammaron's Sceptre can also function as a powered staff at the cost of one Ether per cast.

This powered staff attack has an attack speed of 4 and a max hit equal to your Magic Level divided by 3, minus 8. This means that at 99 Magic, your 'base' max hit will be 25, increasing by 50% against Wilderness NPCs and further benefitting from any gear that increases Magic Damage%. If you're willing to risk some pricey gear, your ice cubes will be more potent than in 21 Jump Street.

Unlike other powered staves, this new and improved offering would be able to hit players. Since Craw's Bow and Viggora's Chainmace function pretty nicely for getting a little extra damage off while escaping, we didn't want to short-change Magic users.

Poll Question #1:

Should the Thammaron's Sceptre be reworked as described in the blog?

Now let's move on to some of the new offerings!

Wilderness Boss Rework - Poll Blog (4)

Accursed Sceptre

We've been asking around and our sources tell us that Vet'ion has a pretty good head on his shoulders. Why not take it for yourself and pop it on your sceptre instead?

The Skull of Vet'ion will be a rare, tradeable drop from Vet'ion - what a shocker! A player with 85 Crafting can combine the skull with Thammaron's Sceptre to obtain the Accursed Sceptre. If you don't have 85 Crafting, Andros Mai in the Ferox Enclave will combine them for 500,000 GP.

The Accursed Sceptre is a tradeable upgrade to the reworked Thammaron's Sceptre, requiring 70 Magic to wield with an attack speed of 4 and a max hit equal to your magic level divided by 3, minus 6. This means that at 99 Magic, your 'base' max hit will be 27 without accounting for the other bonuses outlined in the section about Thammaron's Sceptre.

This accursed upgrade also gains a special attack: Condemn. Condemn costs 50% Special Attack energy and performs an attack with 50% increased max hit and 50% increased accuracy. On a successful hit, the target's Defence and Magic are reduced by up to 15%.

Defence and Magic reduction from Condemn cannot be lowered beyond 85% of their initial value. For example, when used against a target with 80 Defence and 80 Magic, Condemn cannot reduce these stats any lower than 68.

A well-timed Condemn could be the difference between getting frozen or catching your opponent off-guard and forcing them to drink a stat-restoring potion. It also looks pretty scary to boot!

A player wielding the uncharged (left) and charged (right) Accursed Sceptre. We're not sure how well attaching the skull of your enemies to a Zamorakian weapon aligns with the Void Knights' Guthixian values, but the fashionscape speaks for itself!

A WIP example of the Accursed Sceptre special attack 'Condemn'

Here's a graph showing how both the new Thammaron's Sceptre and Accursed Sceptre compare with other staves.

Poll Question #2:

Should the Accursed Sceptre be added as described in the blog? This would be a tradeable upgrade from the Thammaron's Sceptre, made with a tradeable attachment dropped by Vet'ion.

Wilderness Boss Rework - Poll Blog (9)

Webweaver Bow

Word on the street is that Venenatis has a pretty mean bite. Why not grab some of her fangs and make that bite work for you!

The Fangs of Venenatis will be a rare, tradeable drop from Venenatis - again, huge surprise. A player with 85 Fletching can combine them with Craw's Bow to make a Webweaver Bow. Alternatively, Phabelle Bile in the Ferox Enclave can combine them for 500,000 GP.

The Webweaver Bow is a tradeable upgrade for Craw's Bow. Requiring 70 Ranged to wield, it has higher Ranged & Ranged Strength bonuses than Craw's Bow and gains a special attack: Swarm.

Swarm costs 50% Special Attack energy and unleashes four attacks in rapid succession with increased accuracy. Each of these attacks is capped at 40% damage, theoretically maxing out at 160% damage if every attack max hits. On top of this, successful attacks will inflict inflict poison on hit, starting out at 4 poison damage.

Note:we plan to update this section with a tweaked Webweaver Bow model in the near future. We'll make sure to let you all know when we've included it, so keep an eye (or fang) out!

Here's a plain adventurer showing off the silky-smooth uncharged (left) and charged (right) variants of the Webweaver Bow.

And here's a graph showing how the Webweaver Bow stacks up against other Ranged weaponry.

Poll Question #3:

Should the Webweaver Bow be added as described in the blog? This would be a tradeable upgrade from the Craw's Bow, made with a tradeable attachment dropped by Venenatis.

Wilderness Boss Rework - Poll Blog (13)

Ursine Chainmace

So we're removing heads, ripping out fangs, why stop there?

The Claws of Callisto will be a rare, tradeable drop from... the Deranged Archaeologist! Just kidding, it's Callisto. A player with 85 Smithing can combine them with Viggora's Chainmace to make an Ursine Chainmace. Alternatively, Derse Venator in the Ferox Enclave can combine them for 500,000 GP.

The Ursine Chainmace is a tradeable upgrade for Viggora's Chainmace. Requiring 70 Attack to wield, it has higher Crush and Melee Strength bonuses than Viggora's Chainmace, and gains a special attack: Bear Down.

In the design blog, we noted that we wanted to make changes to Bear Down so that it would function better in aiding players with a daring escape or two.

The Run Energy drain has been removed, in favour of an Agility drain. The base 'bleed' damage-over-time has also been increased. This is because the first proposal's bleed damage was doubled against targets with 0% Run Energy, but with Run Energy no longer factoring in to the attack, we thought it'd be best to bump up the base damage just a little to compensate for this change.

Bear Down costs 50% Special Attack energy and hits with 100% improved accuracy. If Bear Down hits, it deals 20 damage over 6 seconds (10 ticks), prevents running for 3.6 seconds (6 ticks) and reduces the target's Agility level by 20.

Unfortunately we haven't been able to get this version of Bear Down into the Beta Worlds yet, but we're planning to get it added ahead of polling going live in-game so that you can experiment and drop us any feedback you might have! We hope that it might now enable a well-timed escape over an Agility obstacle, or just buy you a little time to put some distance between yourself and your opponent.

Here's a fierce adventurer showing off the uncharged (left) and charged (you guessed it: right) variants of the Ursine Chainmace.

A WIP example of the Ursine Chainmace special attack 'Bear Down'

Here's a graph showing how the Ursine Chainmace stacks up against other Melee offerings.

Poll Question #4

Should the Ursine Chainmace be added as described in the blog? This would be a tradeable upgrade from Viggora's Chainmace, made with a tradeable attachment dropped by Callisto.

Wilderness Boss Rework - Poll Blog (18)

The Voidwaker

Some kind of a PvP weapon, with Void associations? It rings a bell, but nothing familiar is staring back at us right now...

Each of the three bosses will drop a piece of the separated Voidwaker; the blade, hilt and crystal. As components, these items are tradeable. An NPC beneath the Old Nite will offer to reassemble the Voidwaker for 500,000 coins. The completed Voidwaker is also tradeable, and behaves like any other item on death.

The Voidwaker requires 75 Attack, 75 Strength and 60 Magic to equip.

The Voidwaker remains largely unchanged since the design blog, but its Melee Strength bonus has been increased from +75 to +80.

This change was to cement it as a best-in-slot non-degradeable Strength training option for 75 Attack builds with limited Defence. Which admittedly sounds pretty niche, but it's a nice little bonus on top of being a pretty consistent 'Spec weapon'!

On top of the Voidwaker's use as a training weapon, it also boasts a Special Attack: Disrupt.

Disrupt costs 60% Special Attack energy and deals guaranteed Magic damage between 50-150% of your Melee max hit.

The Voidwaker is a love letter to Korasi's Sword, a RuneScape item added alongside the quest 'The Void Stares Back'. Korasi's Sword had a pretty infamous reputation, being easily re-obtainable for a relatively low GP cost, and hitting obscenely hard when paired with the Ring of Vigour (whose special effect reduced Special Attack costs) in a time where players knew a lot less about techniques like combo-eating.

Owing to its solid DPS and easy-to-use Special Attack, we think the Voidwaker has value for nostalgic PvPers and the wider playerbase alike!

The proposed models for the Voidwaker with the top being option 'A', the middle being option 'B', and the bottom being the newly proposed option 'C' (added in Poll Blog v2).

Here's a graph showing how the Voidwaker's DPS (Note: all one-handed weapons shown are paired with a Dragon Defender in the off-hand) stacks up against other tier-75 weapons. You might have noticed this is the same graph as in the previous blog. It turns out we actually calculated it based on the Voidwaker having +80 Melee Strength bonus back then... oops!

Poll Question #5:

Should the Voidwaker, a tradeable weapon assembled by components dropped by each of Venenatis, Vet'ion and Callisto be added to the game?

We've seen some players ask for the Special Attack energy cost to be reduced from 60% to 50%. Their reasoning being that the Voidwaker has lower max hits than other choices like the Volatile Nightmare Staff, Armadyl Godsword, Dragon Claws or even the Dragon Dagger in most setups, despite draining more Special Attack Energy and being significantly harder to obtain than its inspiration.

Poll Question #6:

If the Voidwaker is added to the game, should 'Disrupt' cost 50% or 60% Special Attack energy?

Poll Question #7:

If the Voidwaker is added to the game, should model 'A', 'B' or 'C' be used? The highest voted option will be the model that gets used.

Wilderness Boss Rework - Poll Blog (22)

The Dragon Pickaxe

The Dragon Pickaxe was added to the game alongside a host of other Wilderness Rejuvenation updates all the way back in 2014.

Since then, the only means of obtaining this Skilling upgrade has been securing one as a drop from various bosses spread throughout the Wilderness. With ever-changing player attitudes, seeing a Skilling upgrade like this locked behind dangerous content has proved to be a point of fierce debate in recent years.

We want the Wilderness to be a place all about high-risk and high-reward, for players wanting to opt-in to riskier scenarios and feeling properly compensated for their choice. For many, venturing out into risky territory to obtain this upgrade doesn't feel like a choice.

As such, and as mentioned earlier in the blog, we'll be providing alternate means of obtaining the Dragon Pickaxe unpolled. In the Design Blog, we identified these alternate sources as:

  • A 1/400 drop from the Kalphite Queen
  • Potentially a skilling-focused source

Alongside this, we'd increase the drop rate from 1/1,500 to 1/1,000 from the King Black Dragon.

In the survey attached to the previous design blog, players were overwhelmingly in favour of adding a means of obtaining this pickaxe by Skilling, but opinion was divided as to exactly where.

We initially proposed the Volcanic Mine, owing to its status as group content with a little bit of risk attached, it felt like a good fit.

However, we'd instead like to put this decision in your hands. While we'd still like to have the Wilderness bosses and Kalphite Queen prove to be 'faster' options, we're open to a handful of Skilling sources for you to choose from.

Note: the initial version of this blog included Motherlode Mine and Zalcano in Poll Question #9. They've been removed in the current version, for reasons outlined in the table at the top. If you'd like to see either make a return, or have alternate suggestions: make sure to let us know!

Poll Question #8

Should the Dragon Pickaxe be obtainable via the Mining skill, to be offered from a source determined by question #9?

Poll Question #9

If Poll Question 8 passes and the Dragon Pickaxe is obtainable via the Mining skill, where should it come from? The highest voted option will win.

Volcanic Mine

Blast Mine

Revenant Weapons

In the Design Blog, we briefly mentioned that we'd be open to buffing the drop rates of the Craw's Bow, Viggora's Chainmace and Thammaron's Sceptre.

This was in response to some players' concerns that the rarity of these items might be a limiting factor that drives the price of their proposed attachments down, especially with said attachments effectively 'sinking' Revenant weapons.

We'd like to put it to you! It's worth noting that there are other avenues we could explore for the new uniques if necessary, which we'd happily look in to if players feel like this isn't the right approach. These include options like adding the current Revenant weapons to the reworked bosses, allowing players to dismantle the upgrade items for Revenant ether, or something else entirely. So if you've got any bright ideas, get in touch with us and let us know!

Poll Question #10

Should the Craw's Bow, Viggora's Chainmace and Thammaron's Sceptre from Revenants be made more obtainable? To be improved by means determined in a future poll, informed by responses to Poll Question 11 and community feedback.

Since sharing v2 of the Poll Blog, we've seen a large number of suggestions for alternate ways of addressing concerns around the rarity of Revenant weapons.

We'd like to use Poll Question 11 to gauge your thoughts on some of these suggestions and expand on some of the most popular choices in a follow-up poll specifically on this topic, to be released in the near future.

Poll Question #11

If Poll Question 10 passes, we'll be discussing ways for Revenant weapons to be made more obtainable in a follow-up blog. Which of these suggestions would you especially like us to include? Select as many as you wish.

Drop rate increases above 20%.

Drop rate increases while on a Revenants Wilderness Slayer task.

Trading in Ancient artefacts for a chance at a Revenant weapon. The chance would be higher for higher-tier artefacts.

Trading in Ancient artefacts up to a fixed value for a Revenant weapon of your choice.

Add the Revenant weapons to the reworked bosses as a drop. These would be more common than the upgrade items.

Allow the proposed attachments, dropped by the reworked bosses, to be traded in for the corresponding Revenant weapon.

Let players assemble a 'totem' from pieces dropped by Revenants, and use the totem to fight a boss with improved drop rates for Revenant weapons.

As a reminder, the above list is not exhaustive and we'll be keeping an eye out for other suggestions to include in any future blog surrounding the Revenant weapons themselves!

Wilderness Boss Rework - Poll Blog (23)

That about covers all of the proposed rewards at this time. Like we stated before, we're willing to make as many changes, tweaks & adjustments as necessary, so make sure to leave plenty of feedback!

While we feel an alternative source for the Dragon Pickaxe is long overdue, we want to make sure the other offerings from the Wilderness Boss Rework maintain interest and profitability for players seeking a thrill, especially in line with a likely decrease in price for the Dragon Pickaxe.

As a result, we'll be looking to keep the Beta worlds active long enough to let us implement suggestions and feedback surrounding the rewards before the poll goes live in-game, so there's no excuse for not getting stuck in!

Wilderness Boss Rework - Poll Blog (24)

Discuss this update on our official forums, on the 2007Scape subreddit, the Steam forums, or the community-led OSRS Discord in the #gameupdate channel. For more info on the above content, check out the official Old School Wiki.

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The Old School Team.

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