Craig Chalquist



What’s around you is also what’s inside you.

A longer explanation of the history, goals, and activities of the field.

Isn’t it time we finally came home to our homeworld?

Learning to perceive the symbols and themes alive all around us. 

An oceanic perspective on consciousness, personal and collective.

The image of Earthrise as a herald of collective awakening and action.

How might we visualize and practice a more human and ecological psychology?

What if we look at absolutely everything as having a voice to address us?

A terrapsychological glance at the capital of the United States.

How terrapsychology is different from Jungian psychology.

Overlaps and differences between ecopsych and terrapsych.

Reinterprets and fills out the personality typing of Jung and MBTI.

In the words of Matt Cochran, Lali Mitchell, and Craig Chalquist.