terrapsychological practitioners

“Our relations with self, world, and each other depend on the kinds of stories we tell ourselves about these dimensions of experience. It’s time to create new stories and to take what is enlivening and enchanting from old tales in need of new relevance.”

Craig Chalquist – Professor, Author, Presenter

“It is my sense of intimacy and ‘attachment’ that makes me part of, that weaves me into the landscape—an attachment that is continually relinquished and returned back to the other, that cannot be possessed.”

Lali Mitchell – Expressive Arts Therapist, Sky Mountain Institute

“By entering into the great current of dreams, we see dramatically where our personal boons and scars are twinned with world events. This becomes the precise point to act from.”

Matthew Cochran – Raven Dream Tracker, Utah Water Keepers

“By paying attention to the symbols of place that I carry within me, and interact with around me, I move out of auto pilot into choice.”

Annabelle Berrios – Consultant, Trainer, Coach; Leadership Development and Restorative Justice

“If the story of the industrial age has been one of domination, then the stories of today must be of inclusion… I lean on and seek guidance from my ancestors and the inspiring work of diverse communities to begin the work of reparation, and restoration as a path of resilience.”

J. Phoenix Smith – Ecotherapist and Social Worker

“Woven into the broader definition of this multidisciplinary set of approaches is an invitation to dream new mythologies, specifically planetary psychologies…viewing inner and outer reality as one.”

C. K. Olivieri – Marriage and Family Therapist, Adjunct Graduate Instructor

“With my research through mythology, cosmology and terrapsychology, my Shintoistic experiences were integrated into a broader interdisciplinary view of the sacred through time and space. I hear the voices of the land and more-than-human beings, and tell ‘our’ stories with them.”

Hiroko Shiota – Philosopher and Graduate Instructor

“For me, terrapsychology has been incredibly relevant in a context such as South Africa where land is central to healing from trauma. Affective bonds to land can be explored and made conscious….Symbolism, myths and meaning to emerge that offer narratives of resistance to our country’s history of oppression and ongoing environmental issues.”

Garret Barnwell – Clinical Psychologist and Researcher

“When we see our fervent thoughts as driven by the environment we inhabit, then we can unfix our psychology from the compulsions of place, and free place from its environmental neurosis.”

Maggie Hippman – Wilderness Therapy Guide, Adjunct Graduate Instructor

“Inviting and tracking the connection between dreams and earth, place, animals, plants, and elements can bring us back into relationship with ourselves and all that surrounds us, and provide us with emotional, spiritual, and physical healing.”

Katrina Davenport – Dreamworker, Co-host of the podcast Dreaming Back to the Earth