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  • What is Does U-Haul have Movers? is an online marketplace that connects you with local Moving Help® Service Providers. You can search for Moving Helpers based on reviews, jobs completed, or price – whatever fits your needs. U-Haul provides access to this service for our customers on

    Searching for local movers is easy:

    1. Enter the full address(es) where the services are needed.
    2. Book a Moving Helpers for the services you need.
    3. When the job is completed to your satisfaction, give the Moving Help Service Provider your payment code.
    4. Rate the performance of your Moving Help Service Provider by logging into your account and completing a review.
  • What is a payment code?

    The payment code is a 6-digit code that holds your prepaid funds until the job has been completed. It ensures all the work is done to your satisfaction before payment is released. Once your Moving Help® Service Provider(s) have finished, you will be asked to provide them with the payment code, so they can be compensated for their work.

  • Where can I find my payment code?

    Your payment code can be found in a few places:

    If you selected the text message alert option when ordering you can also find your payment code there.

  • Why can’t I talk to someone by telephone?

    We only provide the connection to quality laborers. Your communication should be directly with your Moving Help® Service Provider. To find their phone number please login to your account or check your confirmation email.

  • Does Moving Help® provide a truck or supplies?

    No, Moving Help®Service Providers only provides labor service but you can order a truck through and add additional products and services. When your Moving HelpService Providers contact you, ask them if you need specific supplies or appliances for your move.

  • What happens if my Moving Help® Service Provider does not show up?

    It’s best to be proactive. Call your helper the day before and confirm scheduling. If you have tried calling them and they won’t return your call, sign into yourCustomer Accountand select a new Moving Help® Service Provider that offers same day service. Your funds can be put on a certificate to apply to your new Moving Help® Service Provider or you can receive a refund.

  • What if the movers damage my belongings?

    We offer a payment code that works as an assurance of your satisfaction. Moving Help® will never release your payment code without your permission, putting you in control of making sure you are happy with the service performed. Once your Moving Help® Service Provider(s) have finished helping, you will provide them the Payment Code which they will use to receive payment.

  • How many hours do I need?

    Every move is different, but a standard moves take anywhere from 2-8 hours. You can access ourEstimator Toolto help determine the number of hours needed based on the size of your home. Just remember there are variables that may increase the time needed, such as stairs, heavy or bulky items, disassembly and special placement of items. You can always ask your helpers for additional time if the move is taking longer than expected. To add hours to your move simply log in to your Customer Accountand add additional hours or services.

  • Why a minimum of two hours?

    A minimum of two hours is what Moving Help® Service Providers need to make it economically feasible to perform a quality service. You can always add additional hours to your move and have your mover perform additional services. Make sure when the mover contacts you, you let them know the specifics of your move.

  • Can I tip my Moving Help® Service Provider?

    Yes, we encourage tipping your mover if you are completely satisfied. However, the best way to reward your Moving Help® Service Provider is to post a five-star review. You can tip and leave a review by signing in to your account on and clicking on My Moving Orders.

  • Can I get Moving Help® Service Providers to assist me with my U-Box® container?

    Yes, Moving Help® Service Providers are ready to help with delivery, loading, unloading and even the return or storage of your U-Box®container if needed. Simply clickExisting U-Box® customer, and enter your information.

  • How do I place an online review for my mover?

    You can review your mover using a link provided to you on a separate email we send you. You have 60 days to post your review online. If you can’t locate the email just access your customer account on movinghelp.comand select your order number on past jobs and select “Write a Review.”

  • How do I cancel my Moving Help® order?

    Access yourCustomer Account and select “Manage my Moving Helper Orderto cancel your order.

    Your funds should be available within five business days of cancellation unless you choose to put your funds on a certificate and apply them to a different mover. We process all refunds immediately upon cancellation. Please contact your banking institution if the funds are not available within one week.

  • Are Moving Help® Service Providers insured?

    Moving Help® is a labor-only Marketplace, Moving Help® Service Provider(s) are not required to be insured. SafeloadSMis now offered in various states, search your area for availability.

  • What should I expect from the Moving Help Process?

    Once you have made your Moving Help reservation, your Moving Help® Service Provider should contact you to set up a specific arrival time and go over any details related to your move. When your mover arrives on your moving day, they should introduce themselves and their crew. They should also ask if there is anything they should know before beginning, this the time for you to inform them of any specialty items, extremely fragile items, or if you would like your truck loaded in a specific manner. Remember this is a DIY move and its recommended you stay on site to oversee the move. Once your move has been completed to your satisfaction, you can give your service provider the payment code which will release the funds and allow them to get paid.

  • Privacy Policy

    We do not sell or trade any information with any non-affiliated companies. We only share the minimum information needed to complete your service with your Moving Help® Service Providers.

    View ourcomplete privacy policy.

  • Customer Agreement

    Your agreement with outlines important legal information, terms, and conditions of service. Please take the time to read yourCustomer Agreement.

  • What is Safeload?

    SafeloadSM is a coverage option available to purchase from our top performing Moving Help® Service Providers in your area. With various coverage limits available you can select the right one for your move.

  • How do I file a claim for Safeload?

    To file aSafeloadSMclaim, please call Repwest Insurance at 1-800-528-7134 with your job number (JB-) available.

  • How do I add Safeload to my order?

    During the booking process you will be asked if you want to add SafeloadSM coverage to your reservation. You can select from various premium coverage amounts that are sure to fit your individual moving needs.

  • Why doesn't my provider offer Safeload?

    SafeloadSM can only be offered by seasoned Moving Help® Service Providers who have been granted access to offer the coverage. If the provider you have selected does not offer SafeloadSM, they may have completed fewer orders or have not yet met the minimum qualifications.

  • Where is Safeload available?

    SafeloadSMis currently offered in various states, search your area for availability.

  • Do I have to be present for my Moving Help job?

    Moving Help is a great way to hire moving labor assistance for your DIY move. It is highly encouraged that you remain on site while your Moving Help Service Providers do the heavy lifting to ensure your move goes as planned for the time booked.

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Moving Help® | U-Haul (2024)
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